What my clients say...

My clients consistently appreciate the convenience of being able to schedule their "me time" massage in the convenience and comfort of their own home or office.  I always appreciate having feedback and being able to meet and exceed the needs of my clients.  Here's what some of my clients had to say...

Patti -

"Heather really customized my massage and helped relax some muscles I was struggling with."    (5 Stars) 

Reina -

"Heather always goes above and beyond for her clients. She squeezed me in when I was having severe neck and back pain and saved the day."  (5 Stars)

Derek -

"Love the convenience of a massage from home. She is able to come right in and set up her table, and begin the massage at the requested time."   (5 Stars)

Jason -

"Heather is very professional and excellent at resolving problem areas. I highly recommend her service. Having her come to the house is an added bonus; no travel time, was able to relax in the comfort of my own home, easy to make and keep appointment time around my busy work schedule." (5 Stars)